Social Commerce Exchange

You are invited to a free event to learn how to use Social Media effectively to grow your business. Come learn from leading Social Commerce experts about real strategies you can implement within your company.


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About the Event

Social Commerce Exchange is a unique and collaborative event organized and run by companies wanting to increase their social commerce capabilities. Social Commerce Exchange’s unique format provides participants with exposure to real social case studies, expert-led breakout sessions, as well as networking opportunities with other forward-thinking individuals and businesses.

Unlike most conferences where the content and direction is determined by the event organizers, each month’s agenda is influenced by the collective needs of the businesses that attend. This type of interaction allows the experience to be truly progressive.

We believe social commerce is a fundamental shift in the way we do business. Today’s social opportunities have caused companies to leverage the size, nature, and focus of multiple social services in order to succeed. We believe that a strategic approach to the increasing number of tools and products will maximize the benefits to customers and businesses alike. In order to better understand our strategic approach, we have provided a white paper for you to read.